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How long play gas tire? Which a few items to check before riding?

How important is the tyre? Put it this way: electric cars don't have electricity, can also push a path, the electric bicycle can pedal cycling; Tire is broken, is really what all can't, only in situ waiting for rescue.

So many tires, use at ordinary times, the project need to be aware of? Small make up to you to complete 5 o 'clock.

Regular inspection, gas is not playing

Vehicles and the weight of the rider, have on the tyres. If air pressure is insufficient, tire is very easy to deformation, resulting in shorter range, the wheel hub by extrusion deformation, etc. Therefore, we want to check the tire pressure regularly, and the habit of timely fill gas.

Usually normal electric car tires tire pressure of 2.5-3 atmospheres. Family pressure testing instrument of users, to the air pressure is less than 2.0 bar, can cheer. If no testing instrument in the home, also have a way: people sit on it, if had a flat tire clearly (pictured), means that need filling.

In addition, if the electric conductor time need not, also want to remember again full of gas storage, and battery to charge storage again.

Sipe that will see every day

Electric vehicles in the process of driving, tire tread pattern will inevitably embedded stones or other foreign material in the grooves, thus accelerate the loss of the tire, serious when can cause deformation of tire crown, and the safety of the riding.

As a result, small make up recommend before every ride, all the groove area, check the tires clear in time the foreign body.

With oil, clean up immediately

Daily use, electric cars may be stained with oil, kerosene, gasoline, such as oil. Tire rubber products, if long time contact with oil medium, oil may get into the rubber to produce swelling, results in the decrease of strength and other mechanical properties of rubber, tire will be degenerative, aging.

So careless electric car tires with engine oil, kerosene, gasoline, oil, to wash clean in time.

Don't overload, cadbury harmless

The first has been said, tires is bearing the weight of the weight of electric cars and people, especially the rear wheels. When the load exceeds its range, under the tyre by external extrusion prone to deformation, even puncture, seriously affect the cycling safety!

Therefore, in order to protect the tyres, or to their own personal safety, ride electric cars should not be overloaded.

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