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What are the safety hazards of cycling
1. Riding a bike with jewelry or framed glasses
Watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings are common accessories in daily life. Many people think that such insignificant accessories can affect cycling? Firstly, excessively long bracelets and watches can affect the flexibility of your wrist; Secondly, the necklaces and earrings that female knights are accustomed to wearing may appear beautiful as embellishments. However, in the event of a dangerous accident such as a car fall or collision, these small accessories can cause secondary damage to the knights. For example, earrings can scratch the skin during impact and, in severe cases, strain the earlobes. So when riding, knights should try to avoid wearing too many accessories and prioritize safety.
2. Fatigue driving
It is undeniable that long-distance cycling can bring great satisfaction and pride to motorcycle enthusiasts, but remember not to show off your abilities just because you envy others' long-distance cycling experiences, as long-distance cycling can easily lead to fatigue, and letting fatigue go can have serious consequences. Fatigue driving is the second deadliest factor in traffic accidents, second only to drunk driving. When you feel drowsy while cycling, it indicates that your physical strength has reached its limit. At this time, you may want to stop and rest for a while. If you force yourself to drive again, it will be the most fatal.
3. Neglecting vehicle condition
Ignoring your beloved car may save some valuable time, but what you lose is far more than just the pleasure of being intimate with your car. If you don't check the car condition or do not maintain it regularly, it may only be an emergency on the road. Whether it's a broken belt or chain, or the engine failure caused by too viscous oil, it will only make careless riders sit on the roadside and wait for rescue at this time, regretting why they didn't give more Dim sum to their cars.
4. The built-in headphones in the helmet play music with excessive sound
Wearing headphones inside the helmet to listen to music, the sound of music almost overshadows the sound of surrounding road conditions, which is a bad habit of cycling.

Firstly, if riding with headphones on, in the event of a collision, it can cause secondary damage to the head, just like wearing earrings and other jewelry. Secondly, playing loud music through headphones inside the helmet can also make it difficult for riders to make accurate judgments about the surrounding environment's sound. It's just that you can't hear the roar of the engine and can't find a suitable shifting time.

5. Improper connection of electrical appliances
The protection current of a typical motorcycle is 15A, and a large motorcycle has a 3A safety plate. If we calculate based on a voltage of 12V, the maximum carrying power of the electrical appliance is 18W-36W. Installing too many electrical appliances on your own can easily cause the vehicle's fuse to burn out. If higher specification safety plates are forcibly used, it will cause excessive load on other lines and cause a fire, and the consequences will be unimaginable. Therefore, when modifying the power consuming parts of your vehicle, it is important to pay attention to the rated power and ensure electrical safety.
6. Mobile phone holder
Whether it is a long-distance motorcycle or daily cycling, mobile navigation is one of the most needed functions for knights. In order to observe the route more intuitively, many knights choose to install mobile phone holders in the front of the car. However, while providing convenience, this small holder also has dangerous factors - once a collision occurs, it may cause harm to the knights. Therefore, the installation angle and the strength of the materials are a subject of knowledge.
7. Riding a bike after taking medication
Both drunk driving (driving a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol) and drug driving (driving a motor vehicle after taking or injecting drugs) are behaviors explicitly prohibited by the Road Traffic Safety Law. They not only endanger the driver's own safety, but also endanger other members participating in road traffic. But riding a bike after taking certain medications can also affect the driver's condition and judgment, which some motorcycle enthusiasts are not very clear about.
8. Riding a bike with emotions
Some friends are accustomed to choosing to race on the road as a way to relieve their mood when they are in a bad mood, which is a very dangerous behavior. When there is something in mind, riding a bike often distracts you unconsciously. Therefore, it is best to maintain a focused mental state and a relaxed mood when cycling. Only in this way can you enjoy the joy that cars bring you.

9. Unauthorized adjustment of lighting
Problems with lighting can sometimes bring fatal dangers. Some people like to make explosive changes and pursue brightness of several thousand lumens, which not only causes trouble for drivers in the opposite direction, but also endangers their own safety when the opposite vehicle is swayed by you and the road ahead is unclear. In daily cycling, it is important to use lighting reasonably and politely, and regularly check if the lighting is suitable in order to better ensure one's safety.
10. Riding with unreasonable load
Unreasonable counterweights not only prevent riding from becoming unprepared, but also increase unnecessary risk factors. Uneven weight distribution inside the left and right side boxes can cause the center of gravity of the motorcycle to shift, resulting in left and right swaying during cycling. It will also affect the adjustment of the vehicle's center of gravity during the bending process. Excessive load on the rear of the vehicle can affect the tuning of the vehicle suspension, the balance of the body, the braking effect of the vehicle, and so on.

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