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Repair and maintenance methods for electric vehicle batteries
Electric vehicle immersion has three effects
Firstly, although the motor controller is designed in a waterproof manner, its waterproof performance is usually not particularly good, which may directly cause the controller to burn out due to water ingress.
Secondly, if the motor is flooded, there will be a short circuit at the joint, especially when the water level is very deep
Thirdly, if water enters the battery box, it can directly cause a short circuit between the positive and negative poles. The mild consequence is damage to the battery, and the most serious consequence is direct burning or even explosion of the battery.
What should I do if an electric vehicle gets wet?
1、 Soak the battery in water and let it dry before charging. Various brands of electric vehicles have taken many waterproof measures, so it is generally okay for electric vehicles to get wet by rainwater. However, this does not mean that electric vehicles can freely "navigate" in the water. I would like to remind all car owners not to charge their electric vehicle batteries immediately after they are wet by rainwater. They must leave the vehicle in a ventilated area to dry before charging.
2、 The controller is prone to short circuit and loss of control when submerged in water. Water ingress into the controller of an electric vehicle can easily cause the motor to reverse. After the electric vehicle is severely soaked, the owner can remove the controller and wipe the accumulated water inside. Use a hair dryer to blow it dry before installing it. After installation, it is best to wrap the controller with plastic to increase its waterproof ability.

3、 Riding an electric bike in water can cause significant resistance and easily lead to loss of balance. When riding on a flooded road, it can be very dangerous if you encounter a manhole cover that has been pushed open by the water flow. Therefore, it is best to get off the bike and push it on a flooded road.

Reminder: "The instrument panel, controller, battery, and electric motor are the four major components that need to be rainproof. From a safety perspective, the other three components need to be waterproof. Riding an electric vehicle on rainy days, especially in heavy rain, can easily damage the electric vehicle. When encountering heavy rain, car owners should try not to ride the electric vehicle on the road, nor park the vehicle in the open air, because the electric vehicle's battery is most afraid of water ingress. Mild water ingress only needs to be ventilated and dried, but if it is more serious, it must be repaired at a repair point. In addition, the motor and controller are the most susceptible to damage from water ingress, and the car should pay special attention to the depth of water accumulation. Only when it does not exceed half of the electric wheels can it drive normally.". Special reminder, it is better to ride electric bikes less on rainy days. If it is necessary to use an electric vehicle on rainy days, then when parking the electric vehicle, cover it with plastic cloth to prevent damage to the main components.
Repair and maintenance methods for electric vehicle batteries
Buying a bottle of battery repair fluid is actually dilute sulfuric acid. If you don't have it, you can go to a car repair shop to get some.
Open the sealing plug of the electric vehicle battery, find the opening of the battery, and use a plastic tube to pour repair fluid into the inside of the battery. Ensure that the liquid above the battery can be seen from the opening, and be careful not to exceed it, otherwise charging may overflow. Then reseal the battery. Recharge it so that the battery can be used for another year and a half.

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